Sarasota Psoriasis Center

Dr. Urato

Satya Sarasota Dermatology is proud to have a complete Psoriasis Treatment Center that offers the latest treatments for this condition as well as comprehensive treatment programs that are individualized to each patients’ needs. The Center offers UV light therapy, excimer laser therapy, systemic therapy, and topical localized therapy.

There are 13 new systemic biologic psoriasis treatments for patients with uncontrolled moderate to severe disease with or without psoriatic arthritis that are expected to be FDA approved in the next year. Some of these may offer higher clearance rates and faster response rates with reasonable safety profiles. There is also a new medication, Cimzia, that may be an option to consider for pregnant women who have psoriasis as in preliminary trials the medication was not found in umbilical cord blood, neonatal blood, or breast milk.

Dr. Urato is using and excimer laser (narrow band UVB light) to treat a patient with localized psoriasis. This is a painless safe laser that has an excellent safety and efficacy profile that can be used in all age groups and in pregnant women.

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