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Early Skin Cancer Detection Dr. Urato

As with any cancer, early detection and proper surveillance is critical to optimal care and treatment. At Satya Sarasota Dermatology, we encourage people who are risk for the development of skin cancers or who have noticed some changing skin lesions to have regular skin exams. If you have had some blistering sunburns in childhood, have used tanning beds, have family history of skin cancer, have a fair complexion, and/or have had a significant amount of sun exposure , you may benefit from a skin evaluation. When evaluating skin lesions, Dr. Urato assess the morphology of the lesion as well as its changing behavior to help determine if the lesion needs to biopsied.

Dr. Urato uses a special dermatoscope to evaluate specific skin lesions to determine if a skin biopsy may be warranted.

The incidence and prevalence of skin cancer (melanoma , basal cell skin cancer , and squamous cell carcinoma) is on the rise and early detection is vital to the optimal treatment and prognosis for these conditions. Dr. Urato utilities mole mapping, photography, dermatoscopic evaluations and clinical skill to help identify these cancers. We may recommend to our patients regular screening for surveillance.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Skin cancer on the face and other parts of the body depending on their specific location and subtype can grow in a more unpredictable and aggressive pattern. For this reason, a special skin cancer removal technique called Mohs Micrographic Surgery is used to remove certain skin cancers. This procedure is used to remove skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and merkel cell carcinoma, in a manner that allows assessment of their margins to ensure that the cancer is fully removed and at the same time conserving as much as possible the normal surrounding skin. Satya Sarasota Dermatology is a Mohs Cancer Center Facility that specializes in the removal of challenging skin cancers and reconstruction surgery.

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Dr. Urato has elite training in skin cancer detection and treatment. As a fellowship trained Mohs micrographic surgeon, Dr. Urato performs Mohs Micrographic Surgery to remove skin cancers on the specific areas of the body (such as the head and neck, hands , feet and genital area) in which aggressive cancers are present or where tissue sparing is warranted.

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